Church opposes Samhain/Halloween


Report by Olgla Bradshaw from the Londonderry Today relating to an online petition to ban festival celebrations relating to Halloween/Samhain........

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Oak King's picture

back into the dark ages?

Who would have thought that so much ignorance and arrogance still exists in our times. What planet does the good reverend live on? I suggest a brain transplant that would enable him to think for himself rather than follow thought patterns trashed into him by a bunch of old men still jealous of gods other than the one they created for their very own purposes. The whole thing would be hilarious if it wasn't so sad.

Holger (with steam coming out of his ears)

P.S.: Perhaps one should formally invite him to a Samhain ritual to offer him the chance to find out what really lies behind it all?!


CalonDdraig's picture

My god. Literally. Haven't

My god. Literally. Haven't we moved beyond this level of fear driven prejudice? This is the year 2009 not 1509...

I know this is for a carnival as oposed to a pagan celebration, but really. What intolerence.