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Hello DD Members and Friends,

I hope that you enjoyed the last issue of our Aontacht magazine (you can read it or download it in PDF format here: http://www.druidicdawn.org/node/1802 ) and I know that I personally am looking forward to the upcoming issue!

8th December 2009 is the deadline for anyone interested in submitting relevant pieces for inclusion in the next Aontacht. That is less than a month away! In the next few issues, we are looking to step things up and come out with some new features and lots of ideas on the drawing board at the moment. 

In the mean time, we need submissions from YOU!!!!


Chrissy said the following-- 'The Celts believed the Gods to be their first ancestors and honoring their deceased kin was a major part of their daily lives. This issue will be devoted to the veneration of ancestors, both past and present.'

I think though we can expand on that a bit. The following are some related topics and ideas that might prove inspiring, related to what she is asking for--

  • the place/value of ancestors, the tribe, the family unit, etc
  • death .... (this is very broad and you could do a lot with this! ... like ethical burials, woodland burials, our approach to death, a celtic take on death, death in archetypal form in the stories and mythologies, etc)
  • a more practical personal piece on one of your ancestors or how you honour your family roots
  • genealogy from a spiritual perspective
  • family or ancestral memory, karma, patterns, etc
  • becoming an ancestor yourself -- what this might mean etc
  • how do you honour your ancestors
  • a ritual written/outlined/described for ancestors
  • an altar for ancestors
  • family recipes
  • memory, rememberance, its place/value, etc
  • working with the ancestors in a magical or shamanic (or whatever other) way

Of course too, you can submit pieces that are seasonal ... which would mean either the Winter or Summer Solstice depending on your hemisphere.


..... articles (this includes essays too, and can be any length
really, although we are space-conscious, so shorter is better although in some cases we can make special exceptions)
..... poetry (this includes bardic pieces such as stories, even perhaps short dramas, etc)
..... practices (this includes personal practices such as a prayer/invocation, a devotional practice, a daily practice, an ancestral practice ... you get the picture)
..... reviews (this includes not just books but also music and other media like films, etc ... they can also at any given time be on anything Celtic, druidic, spiritually appropriate, academic, philosophical, etc)
..... recipes (this includes not just food but also drinks, incense, or anything else, like hand creams, simple herbal remedies, etc)


SEND YOUR SUBMISSIONS TO: aontacht@druidicdawn.org

Thank you! Diolch yn fawr / Go raibh maith agaibh,

Jenn and the Aontacht Team


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