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If you have any skills in editing, proof-reading, writing, or ESPECIALLY graphic design, please email me at

We need more staff for the Aontacht Magazine, such as:

  • graphics designer/editor (helping with the graphics and design side of the magazine)
  • interview editor (someone to coordinate our interviews for each issue of the magazine)
  • Southern Hemisphere coordinator (to make sure we have some input from the SH)
  • regular contributor of book and media reviews
  • regular contributor of articles
  • regular contributor of poetry and/or short stories
  • regular contributor of recipes

Thank you and I hope you consider helping us out. Even if you CAN'T regularly help out, we could also use anything you have along the lines of 'Ancestors' or the Solstice and Winter/Summer (depending on your hemisphere).

Diolch yn fawr / Slan


on behalf of the Aontacht Team


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