Loyal Order of Druids

This site is dedicated the history and exploration of fraternal druidism in relation to the Loyal Order of Druids which was formed on the 29th August 1829 in Bolton probably as an off-shoot of the Ancient Order of Druids.

A set of rituals and interrrogatory lectures still exist from the order which were published in 1848. It showed that the order, which met in "Gorsedds" had rituals and a structure similar to both the Oddfellows and the other Druid fraternal orders. At some stage in its history it appears to have split and some part of it formed an Independent Order of Druids. I have not seen seen any jewels or regalia, apart from an inscribed pocket watch, associated with this Order.


One reference form the 1860 "THE FREEMASONS MONTHLY MAGAZINE" gives an interesting insight to the order and its connection to Freemasonry  BY CHARLES W. MOORE, Lancaster Guardian for the 21st of last month. In that journal we find a long account of the anniversary dinner of the " Independent Order of Druids" at the Fleece Inn; there were present on this occasion some hundred and twenty members and their wives, who were countenanced by the presence of some of the Town Council and other local notabilities. Amongst other personages conspicuous in the proceedings was one Mr. Howe, who appears to have been the favorite orator of the day, and who imparted to his edified hearers some information which if not remarkable for accuracy may at least claim the credit of novelty. To use his own words :—"The toast which had been entrusted to him might be said to be the most important toast of the evening ; it was that of 'The Order of Druids ' He did not happen to belong to this ancient and noble Order, but he did happen to be a Freemason, and authors who had written upon these Orders generally stated that Druidism was an offshoot of Freemasonry. (Cheers). In candor he was bound to say that the rules in connection with the Order of Druids presented a great improvement on those of Freemasonry. (Cheers). He viewed the establishment of Orders of this kind— benefit societies—in three especial lights—morally, socially, and politically, &c. &c."