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Hello All,

Druidic Dawn is delighted to announce that a mailing list has been created on yahoo groups for those members who would like to interact with Druidic Dawn, but prefer to use email for whatever reason.

The mailing list will mirror this forum category (Working Together (Public)) so that posts made here will be accessible on the mailing list, and posts made on the mailing list will be accessible here.

The yahoo group can be found here: We do have a couple of small requests for those wishing to use the yahoo group however: 

  • That you be a member of Druidic Dawn.
  • That you use the same email address on the list as you used for your Druidic Dawn account.
  • That you join the yahoo group to use it.  

We hope you understand these minor considerations - this is to make things easier to use and makes for tidier presentation on this website.


We hope you enjoy this new service and that it provides a way for those on slow or irregular internet connections to join in with our community!


On Behalf of the Project Team,

Druidic Dawn Admin 



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