Ancient and Venerable Order of Druids

This society may have been an early relatively small pseudo masonic Order possible based around Birmingham. I have only seen one reference to the A&VOD who may have been established largely for Charitable Purposes. The society existed from 1809 and probably earlier until at least 1830. 

An article from 1809 criticises a Christain minister who preached at an Annual Festival but mentions at least three lodges of this order. The article 'A Discount delivered in St. Philip's Church, Birmingham, before the Brethren of the United, Loyal, and Constitutional Lodges of the Ancient and Venerable Order of Druids, on October 25, 1809. By the Rev. Luke Booker, states:

'Dr. Booker has the grace to make some apology for the medley of subjects in this salmagundy sermon : but he would, in our opinion, have more consulted the dignity of the clerical character by declining the service which the Order of Druids requested him to perform. How ludicrous for a Christian minister to address, in a christian church, lodges of Free Masons who call themselves the Order of Druids*. To gratify the vanity of these united Lodges, Dr. B. sketches the outlines of antcient Druidism, not forgetting the Aristotle ; after which, Christianity comes in for a share of his attention, then the Birmingham General Hospital, and last of all our good King ; of whom, says the preacher,"we are not offering any adulatory incense on the shrine of falsehood, when we assert, that no Monarch ever more deserved a people's love.'


The Monthly Review By Ralph Griffiths, George Edward Griffiths Published by printed for R. Griffiths., 1809