Call for Questions--Alistair Bate

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For the upcoming Spring/Autumn Equinox Aontacht issue, we will be interviewing Rev. Alistair Bate, a bishop in the Liberal Catholic Apostolic Church as well as a member of OBOD, leader of the Trinity Grove (a Christian Druid grove), and reiki healer. He has a number of ministries which you can read about on his webpage.

I am sure you will have a number of things that you'd like to ask Rev. Bate-- ranging from his path and work, to his personal interests and vision, so please email your thoughtful questions to us! As always, questions are presented to the interviewee in an anonymous fashion but we do ask that you keep them clean, professional and courteous. (We reserve the right to disregard submissions which do not follow those guidelines.)

We really REALLY would like to see your questions presented to Alistair, so please ask away!!! 

Do not reply with your question submissions. Please email them to me at the below email address. Thank you. Diolch yn fawr. Go raibh maith agat. 

Email: aontacht[at] | Deadline: 1st February 2010


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