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Hello everyone,

We Druids and Celtic-interested pathwalkers talk a lot about the Earth. Generally we are classified as an Earth-spirituality. Our very festivals are based around the cycles of the Earth and Sun. But surely there is more to an Earth-centric path than ritual celebrations? I'm interested in knowing what those "other" things are. How do you "get your hands dirty" so to speak? Are there any social groups or movements you are involved with? How do you express your concern and care for the Earth, besides just being interested in what the Earth has to offer you?

These are some questions I would like to see more discussed amongst Celtic spirituality and Druid communities. We are in such a good position to explore these questions and really take part in the wider world as contributors, not by-standers. 

There are all sorts of things like eco-activism, conservation, forestry, permaculture, allotments and community gardens, Transition Towns, alternative energy, local food and produce, self-sufficiency, native plants, herbalism, water-care, wilderness journeys, long walks and explorations, garbage pick-up, animal concerns, eco-psychology, story-telling for the Earth--same goes for poetry, music, etc  ... Earth Day, Earth Hour, education, tree-planting, gardening.... there are SO many things out there you can do or become involved in. Just about any activity can be grounded in the Earth.

It would be lovely to hear what YOU do and how you are involved in your own life. Or if you are conscious that this is something you'd like to cultivate, what would you LIKE to do/become involved with?

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Re: getting your hands dirty!

I teach an environmental class for children/teenagers between 10 - 17 and it lasts all year.  We go around Kuwait, planting trees, helping get donations for the preservation that the Amir had put together for the nearly extinct animals here.  We also try to organize events to help make money for another presevation for birds.  I try to make them understand about the climate changes they see, and I've even had parents who attend which is always fun.  I also try to get the Beduins in the desert to host us every month so that they also get the weather lore attached to the year in Kuwait, since basically we only have summer and winter lol. What surprises me is that the kids who are too old now to attend the class want me to start a class for adults lol.


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Re: getting your hands dirty!

Hmm...Well, I donate to Greenpeace and the American Anti-Vivisection Society. I write letters to my representatives about (mostly animal protection) issues. I'm vegan. I try to thrift before I buy new, I can and preserve food and I mend my socks (which are full of holes AGAIN!)

Once we have a place of our own, I want a bigger garden and a personal orchard, and I definitely want to become involved in the Transition movement. In the meantime, I do what I can.

Many thanks for this great topic!


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