The Ancient Stones of Wales

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Author: Chris Barber and John Godfrey Williams

Publisher: Blorenge Books: Abergavenny, Gwent

ISBN Number: 0-9510444-7-8

Publication Date: 1989

Reviewed by: CalonDdraig


I remember first seeing a copy of this book in the library at Work and being totally amazed by it, stealing odd minutes at break time to have a quick read. This book really does have it all, and I cannot praise it enough as a concise and informative guide to the megalithic monuments of Wales written in an simple way but crammed with information, and references to other works for those who want to take their interest a bit further.

The book is organised into sections: by monument type, and then by other information of interest to Druids: for instance "Arthurian" monuments and monuments in other Welsh legends. Each monument has it's own little write up and references to any archaeological work that's been done. As well as clear directions to the site and OS map references so finding the monument is easy. There are clear black and white photos of major sites on every other page, and you really do get a feel for the monuments that are described.

While the book provides a good archaeological study, there are also chapters/essays on The Church and Stones, monuments that were destroyed, preservation efforts and also on some more alternative subjects too: Dowsing monuments, quartz crystals in the monuments, Strange lights and objects and much more.

It is hard to find fault with this book when viewed as an introduction to megalithic monuments in Wales. I use it as a field guide that is particularly suited to Pagan use as it goes beyond just the monuments, into tradition and metaphysics.

I'd rate this book 8/10 and say that it should find a home on the bookshelf of anyone with a serious interest in the ancient landscape of Wales.

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Re: The Ancient Stones of Wales

Better still, a website, although they don't seem to have this book in print;

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Re: The Ancient Stones of Wales

Just noticed that this book isn't available new on Amazon, so perhaps it's worth listing the publisher's address in case anyone wants to try tracking them down. It is:

Blorenge Books, 3 Holywell Road, Abergavenny, Gwent. NP7 5LP. Tel. Abergavenny 3909 (get that number to work and there's a reward).

Anyway, enjoy this great book!