Way of the Druid

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Author: Graeme K. Talboys

Publisher: O books

ISBN Number: 9781905047239

Publication Date: 206

Reviewed by: cuardai


The way he organized his book really appealed to me.  The first thing that really caught my eyes was the table of contents.  He began with history, then culture then religion.  He then goes into the Druids, Celtic metaphysics, the survival and revival of druidry, and whether or not the “Druid Way” was a religion.  Next come the teachings, followed by the deities, cosmology, trees, and the structure of the “Druid Way”, the ceremonies and rituals of druidry and what it means to be a druid in this world.  The table of contents seems to have it all.  That was encouraging.

The introduction was his hopes for the book.  He wanted to write a book to give the layman some idea on what the druids generally believed in.  He also says he knows how hard that was going to be considering that the druid organizations now a days seem as different from each other as night and day.  He hopes that his book combines history, theology, philosophy, and practices of what he calls the “Druid Way”.  As it is with me these days I went into the book with a bit of skepticism because of just those two words “Druid Way”.

I very much enjoyed this book.  It has many ideas that can be included in personal practices that are not necessarily Druid.  The teachings part of the book is so general that as an Irish traditional polytheist I see no problem in incorporating it into my own practice.  The book is balanced and very well organized and there is something in there for everyone, and you really don’t have to be a druid to read it.

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