The Druid Isle

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Author: Ellen Evert Hopman

Publisher: Llewellyn Publications

ISBN Number: 0-7387-1956-0

Publication Date: 1 April 2010

Reviewed by: Eadha Deora


Published in Aontacht, Volume 2 Issue 4 Spring-Autumn Equinox

From the Publishers:

A sequel to Priestess of the Forest that invites you to follow a future priestess on her path to initiation.....takes you into the world of Ethne, a Druid healer, and her warrior partner, Ruad. When their beautiful daughter Aífe undertakes training on a Druid island, she falls in love with Lucius, a handsome young man who has traded his priestly studies at a Christian monastery for the Druid life. But their love— and their beliefs— are threatened in the face of a lustful king and relentless Roman monks. Set on a third-century island off the coast of Scotland, this instructional Celtic tale delves deeper into the spiritual mystery of the Druids and offers a fascinating look at the Romans, Gauls, and Britons.

"Ellen has done it again. The Druid Isle grabs you right from the start. In it, we follow the story of Aife, a Pagan girl who lives with the forest Druids, and Lucius, a young Christian monk who turns Pagan. In my opinion, one of the best features of the book is the small bits of old lore from the Druids scattered throughout. I would definitely recommend this book for anyone's library!"

--Rev. Skip Ellison, Archdruid of Ár nDraíocht Féin (ADF) and author of Ogham: The Secret Language of the Druids and The Solitary Druid: A Practitioner's Guide.

"Another jewel... This daring sequel follows two intersecting stories of a young monk and a Druidess, one seeking to know his hidden origins, the other to seeking to save her ancestral ways. Their journeys during the tumultuous historical setting of Third Century Gaul, Britain and Ireland will provide you with a series of wisdom lessons and an insight into the clash of two worldviews. The Druid Isle is a must have for any serious Druidic library."

--Michael Scharding, publisher of "The Druid Inquirer," the publication of the Reformed Druids of North America

"The Druid Isle follows in the inspired footsteps of Ellen Evert Hopman's first novel, Priestess of the Forest. In both books, Hopman has taken a complex, esoteric world and brought it to life with engaging characters, mystical landscapes and a time before this time in which the belief in humans as inseparable from the living earth was being assaulted by the Roman Church. While Hopman's research and careful descriptions of Druid rituals, beliefs, and philosophy will be invaluable to those seeking the Druid path, she has succeeded in writing alive, compelling novels that will keep any reader turning page after page, far into the night."

--Patricia Lee Lewis, founder of Patchwork Farm Writing & Yoga Retreats and author of the award-winning book of poems, A Kind of Yellow.

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Re: The Druid Isle

 Thank you for the add - just want to mention that the third book in the trilogy is now out; Priestess of the Fire Temple - A Druid's Tale came out March 2012. The three books Priestess of the Forest - A Druid Journey, The Druid Isle, and the third novel cover the realms of Sacred Land, Sea and Sky. They are Bardic teaching tales that encode the Druid path within a Celtic  romance.

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