Call for Questions - Wyverne

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Call for Questions - Wyverne

For the upcoming Summer/ Winter Solstice issue of Aontacht (Volume 3, Issue 1), we will be interviewing author and druid practitioner, Wyverne, editor of SerpentStar (the Southern Hemisphere OBOD newsletter) and author of "Fairies of the Wild Wild Moon".  She is an independent scholar studying from a magical perspective, who has provided us with many original works presented in diverse art forms, including poetry, songs and her novel - "my wild emergination".  If you would like to read some of her work and find out more about Wyverne, try snips -  You can also check out the diverse and artistic druid newsletter she edits - SerpentStar at

I am sure you will have a number of things that you'd like to ask Wyverne -- about her poetry, research into ancient texts and cultures, her spiritual path, and her perspective and perception of the universe.

Now is a unique opportunity for you to ask a question and get a direct response. Don't be bashful. Your questions are important.

So... please email your thoughtful questions to us! As always, questions are presented to the interviewee in an anonymous fashion, but we do ask that you keep them clean, professional and courteous. (We reserve the right to disregard submissions which do not follow those guidelines.)

Do not reply with your question submissions. Please email them instead to me at the email address below.

Blessed Be!

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Email: aontacht[at] OR DDaontacht[at] | Deadline: 15 May 2010


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