Grand Lodge of Australia

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Druid Order: UAOD


Druids House, Swanston Street, Melbourne, Australia

Town: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Place of Meeting: Druids House

Earliest Date Seen: 1882

Last Date Seen: 1932


1882: Grand Lodge Secretary Mr J.J. Brennan vist to New Zealand. Evening Post

1887: Melborne Grand Lodge of Druids annual meeting 1st March, Te Aroha News

1886:  Grand Lodge Secretary Mr J.J. Brennan visit to New Zealand, Druid Banquet Wanganui Herald

1889: Isaac Isaacs Grand President

1894:  Melbourne Grand lodge meeting with new Zealand representative in attendance. Talk of establishing a District Grand Lodge in NZ. Oak of Sydenham and Old Oak Lodges granted permission to join the District lodge of Cantebury NZ. Evening Post


1882: Evening Post

1886: Wanganui Herald

1887: Te Aroha News

1890: Evening Post: Annual Meeting

1891:  Evening Post; Annual Meeting Report.

1894: Evening Post; Annual Meeting Report.

1894: Otago Witness; Report of Druid Membership around the world.

Souvenir PDF documemt available from Druids Australia

pdf download available from

Photo from the Sydney Morning Hearld September 6th 1932 of the 15th Annual UAOD Conference, President of the UAOD Mr T.C. Roy, pictured in the image.

History of Fraternal Druids In Victoria, Australia

From the National Library Austalia Digital Collection:-

Ceremonies and choruses for use in lodges of the United Ancient Order of Druids

March of the Druids by Thos. E Bulch

From the National Library of New Zealand: -

20th Grand Lodge of Australia 1885 in Melbourne

Melbourne Grand lodge Grants charter to the District Lodge of Canterbury, New Zealand. 1889

From  Freemasonry and Fraternal Organizations

United Ancient Order of Druids; Druids’ Ritual

Re: United Ancient Order of Druids Grand Lodge of Australia

Thank you for this. The Melbourne Grove has researched this group but we did not find this pdf document before. We are proud of the social service done by the original wave of druids in this city.