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In 2001 Wendy & Rob moved from the South East to the Welsh/Shropshire borders and away from the safety of the Anderida Grove. The inspiration that they had learned to connect with in a group environment was one they never wanted to be without again. After many months of exploring the local landscape they came to Nesscliffe Country Park, which had once been an impressive Iron Age Hillfort, which was now a beautiful ancient landscape that called to them. They had been searching to find a public place for ceremonies to be held, and the history that gradually revealed itself on Nesscliffe Hill seemed to echo their need to acknowledge the ancestors that had lived and worked in the area Shropshire and the Welsh borders have the most number of Iron Age Hillforts (or earthworks) per square mile than anywhere else in the UK, and so with knowledge of this and to acknowledge their love of the land (the earth works, right?), the Earthworks community was born.

It then took much work to publicise that a Gorsedd was to be held at Nesscliffe, and at the Autumn Equinox 2002, our first public Gorsedd was held, and appropriate time of year to harvest the hard work of the summer. Numbers of attendees at the Gorseddau have steadily grown ever since, and we always feel humble that people choose to join us to celebrate the turning of the seasons.

Since this time, a Grove was formed to provide a smaller group with a more intimate, focused environment to learn and explore; a discussion moot which is held monthly in public; camps as a forum for people to immerse themselves totally in an experience.

From the great branches of the Anderida oaks, little acorns took themselves across the land, to germinate, grow strong, to produce acorns themselves.

We thank Great Spirit, the Spirits of the community and our guides for all gifts they have brought to us on this journey.

Be blessed

Be inspired,

Wendy & Rob 



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