Druidic Dawn Community Archive Website Service


The organic nature of growth and decline of Druid and Celtic related websites on the internet often results in the loss of valuable resources. This affects this community but also the greater Druid and Celtic internet community, and the general enquirer following dead links.

When or if a related website is going to be removed entirely from the internet for what ever reason. An opportunity exists for it to be archived here. Even if the website has ceased to be available over the last three years, and its contents has been stored. Druidic Dawn would be interested in creating an archive with the communities help, to enable information to be continually available. Feel free to use the feedback form to take advantage of this unique opportunity.

Druidic Dawn offers the community a facility whereby discontinued websites prior to their removal or where previous websites content has been electronically stored, but presently not available on the internet. Either can be archived safely, enabling the resource information to be continually available.


Earthworks Grove
2001 - 2010

 Merlin's Wisdom 2001 - 2011

In metamorphous to be reborn in the distant future.

 Astrocelt Cyber Grove 2003-2007