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Llanrhaeadr, place of the waterfall, the giant and giantess, the mystical dragon and home of the noisey sheep!

After squeezing as much as possible into the car and trying our hardest not to forget the kids, we set of for Llanrhaeadr where the Druid camp was to be held.

Spits and spots of nature’s tears speckled our windscreen, but this didn’t dishearten us what so ever.

Friday night was mainly setting up the fire and making plans for the Saturday. We had to do a weather spell, which Rob had been working on.  Believe me, this isn’t easy to do whilst standing in mud with your eyes acting like magnets for fire smoke, but we all managed to stay upright.  Sadly the weather spell didn’t quite go as hoped, but it didn’t put the dampeners on any of the activities.

After a sociable drink or two around the fire I decided to retire looking forward to Saturday’s delights.

6am I was awoken to the sound of the not so tuneful Mrs Sheep looking for her baby who was playing hide and seek under the static caravan.  This was followed by Roy, my step son, asking me if it was Rob making the noises in some sort of early morning ritual!!  Sorry Rob.

By 8.30am everyone was up and about having the obligatory camp brew, and discussing what the order of the day should be.  Wood collection was high on the agenda, whilst everyone went to collect wood and to find a cave we had just found out about Wendy, myself and Davy walked the fields planning (well that’s what we're saying and we are sticking to it!) for the evenings activities.  We would play a game of who's who.

When we thought all had arrived, we opened the camp by doing a ceremony that would spread our blessings over the field for the weekend.

As the afternoon arrived we made our way up to the prayer lodge where we had our meditation, led by Wendy.  It was sooooo good it left everyone speechless!, which as many of you know is a first for me!

Back to camp where some of the children, Wendy and me made a labyrinth from surrounding rocks.

And so to the evening’s grand game.  As the sun went down the four main characters took their places.  Hidden in the trees and rocks taking on their new persona, ready and waiting for the teams to find us and work out who we were.  Herne, mad Merlin, Ceridwen and The Greenman were out there somewhere waiting in the darkness to be found.  It was great; high jollities and laughter filled the field, as everyone dashed around asking their questions, and when everyone arrived back at the fire, a treat of marshmallows to toast.  That reminds me, I never saw any marshmallows.  Did someone eat mine!? And where was Frodo???

A few more sociable drinks and then to the eisteddfod; what’s that saying; tell us a story, sing us a song or show us your bum!!! So story telling, poems and a bit of guitar playing was in abundance.  Wonderful! And no I didn’t show my bum!

Sunday morning came and the sun glimpsed over the hill.  After the mornings brews and chit chat we did the Dance Of Life around the labyrinth (far to muddy to do it around the fire) and gave our thanks to the new day.

After a bit of exploring and taking in the beauty of the place, we made our way up to the prayer lodge for a sharing circle. It was a beautiful time and something that I will never forget.  Words just cannot describe how magical that time was.

Back down to the camp field and the closing of the circle we joined hands and thanked the spirits of the land, the lady and the lord, and said hail and farewell to the elements.

So the time to go was fast approaching, the time went so so quick, time for a last minute photo, and a farewell to all the wonderful friends I made over the weekend.  Hugs and kisses and a last look back and away we went homeward bound.

A big thank you to Wendy and Rob for arranging the weekend.  You are true stars.  And thank you to everyone else who made it the fabulous weekend it was.

Looking forward to the next one.

Mrs Hippy - (Jane)