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This years Samhain was a chance for us to spend some chilly nights near top Clee Hill in the south of Shropshire to spend time in meditation to connect us with our ancestors.  We used the main focus of the weekend to build a fire labyrinth which we used as a gateway to journey to the place of the ancestors and spend a night with them.

The weekend was cold, waking up with the vision of my breath leaving my mouth and frost on the ground, but it made the weekend all the more enjoyable helping bond the group because of the cold weather.

Sunday found us exercising with swords, building up a sweat and battling with pumpkins we'd spent the previous day carving.

I'll never forget the children, smaller at the time than the swords, trying to wield them....  so many laughs.....!!!

A big thank you to Sarah and Tim for allowing us to use your beautiful land.

Many blessings.....