Brigit: The Exalted One


This is a little survey of Brigit the Goddess from encyclopedia and mythology.  It is by no means complete but gives the basics.

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Brigit, Brighid, Brigid, Irish Goddess
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Re: Brigit: The Exalted One

Llansantffraid is usually the village names, that is Llan Sant Ffraid.

'Ff' does not mutate anyway! At least not in modern Welsh. There may have been spelling variations before Cymraeg was standardized. Either way, 'Ffraid' would be the correct name. 

On the other hand, 'f' IS a mutation from 'b' -- so I could see a theory that Fraid is the mutated form of Braid (pronounced 'Bride') -- much like in Scotland she is called 'Bride' and 'Bridey'. Only problem is that I am not aware of any attested 'Braid' or even 'Fraid'. Everywhere I have looked in the indigenous writings, it is 'Ffraid'.  

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Re: Brigit: The Exalted One

Actually, I thought that "Fraid" Was a treiglad of "Ffraid" - if you think of "Llan Fraid" this makes sense.


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Re: Brigit: The Exalted One

This is really excellent, Maya. Nice work. Only comment is that although Wikipedia claims that Brighid is 'Fraid' in Wales, I have never seen her called that here. It is always 'Ffraid'.