"Sovereignty" Volume 3, Issue 2 Call for Submissions

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Hello Everyone!

I hope that the changing seasons have brought new insights and growth for you. The Aontacht Production Team has begun preparations for the next issue centred around the theme of the "Sovereignty" (Volume 3, Issue 2). This is an unusual topic and could prove to be an interesting issue. Each of you are invited to contribute as our Magazine is made up of Community Submissions -- let YOUR voice be heard!

The submission deadline is the 15th August 2010, so you have about a month to think about this, write a piece or find something you've done in the past, and send over your submissions -- we accept all the usual:

Articles, Personal Reflections, Rituals, Poetry, Prayers, Short Stories, Original Artwork, Recipes (e.g. food, incense, etc.), Craft Instructions, Book and Media (e.g. CDs, DVDs, etc.) Reviews, Advertisements (free at this time), Event Listings, Short Earth and Eco-related Pieces (for our 'Wild Earth' feature), Sacred Site Visits, Meditations, Guided Journeys ... anything original with you!

The upcoming topic is loosely based on the concept of the "Sovereignty": The Celts understood the Wild Earth as sovereign, as a goddess; what is sovereignty and how can we apply this to our everyday life?
We also accept anything appropriate to the season, whether you are in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere (we welcome both).

Some ideas that might inspire you follow:

  • What relevance does the idea of "Sovereignty" have in your spiritual path? Is it related to the Earth? Is it personal?
  • What does "Sovereignty" mean to you?
  • More academic piece on how the Celts understood the concept of 'Sovereignty'.
  • Personal piece about your experience with sovereignty land goddesses like Rhiannon, Maeve, Blodeuwedd, Macha ... even Guenivere, etc.
  • How does Sovereignty fit into the Celtic Wheel of the Year?
  • Poems about the Sovereignty, Sovereignty Goddesses, Land Goddesses, the Earth, etc.
  • A ritual outline to do with honouring the sovereignty of the Earth and Land.
  • Does spiritual sovereignty demand a new kind of ethic?
  • Book review of something you read that you felt speaks well about the Celtic idea of sovereignty.
  • Recipe for something -- food, incense, homemade brews, aromatherapy mixes, etc.

And of course there are many other possible things that you could do. If you're not sure whether your submission is appropriate or not, still send it to us and we can decide or work with you on it. Closer to the time, I will try to send out an email to all DD members reminding you of the impending deadline.

Looking forward to your contributions,


"Aontacht" Editor

Email: aontacht[at]druidicdawn.org OR DDaontacht[at]gmail.com | Deadline: 15 August 2010


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