The Spell of Brittany

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Author: Ange McKay Mosher

Publisher: Duffield and Company

ISBN Number: 1152616595

Publication Date: 1920

Reviewed by: Guenn Eona Nimue


"The noble woman to whom we are indebted for the following pages, American by birth and Bretonne by adoption, has not only been an honour to those two countries, but to her sex and to humanity.
All those who knew her on either side of the ocean will bear witness with me that it was impossible to be in her presence, even for a few seconds, without carrying away the impression that you had communed with one whose nature was most generous and hospitable, and whose spirit was most rich and comprehensive.
It is two years now since Mrs. Ange M. Mosher has passed away, but there is not one of her many friends in whose memory she has not remained actively present, as an example and a vital principle; for her whole existence, it may be said, has been a magnificent homage to the value and beautyof life.
As for myself, I consider it a unique privilege to have known her."

From the introduction by Anatole Le Braz, "The Bard Of Brittany".

This fascinating book, detailng the many travels and adventures of my great grandmother, and the deep study she made of celtic folklore is a must-read for all those "on the path". It can be read free of charge on line at....

Having stood the test of time shall serve as it's review, for it is as relevant today as it has ever been.

Guenn Eona Nimue 

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