Prince Albert Lodge

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Druid Order: UAOD

Lodge Number: 387


Prince Albert Lodge 387
40 The Village
Nr Huddersfield

Town: Thurstonland, Yorkshire

Place of Meeting: Thurstonland

Earliest Date Seen: 1851

Last Date Seen: 1979


"On Monday March 26th, 1979, the Secretary, treasurer and Trustees of the Prince Albert Lodge 387, United Ancient Order of Druids, met to prepare the Final Balance Sheet and so wind up the Lodge, which was the wish of the present members.  Founded in 1851, it’s aims were, for a small weekly contribution to help members who were sick.  Also a funeral grant was paid on the death of a member his wife, or even a second wife, but no provision was made for a third or subsequent wives. The grant was also payable on the death of his widow.

The ceremonial sword, which was no doubt wielded bravely by a trooper in the Napoleonic wars and which initiated many new members into the Lodge, has been presented to the cricket club and will be hung above the bar in the Tea Room.  We hope that it will be admired for many years to come by would be Geoff Boycotts and Freddie Trumans, or whoever is the hero of the time, as they munch their bag of crisps and drink their bottles of pop.

The centenary of the Lodge was celebrated by a day’s outing when 3 buses packed with members and wives left for Skegness. On the return journey at a pub outside Doncaster only 2 buses arrived, the third driver getting lost.  However, he managed to find his way back to Thurstonland, so a good time was had by all.  The assets of the lodge were shared between 11 widows and 49 members"

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