Excelsior Lodge

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Druid Order: UAOD

Lodge Number: 11


Antipoldean Hall,
Cuba Street

Town: Wellington, New Zealand

Place of Meeting: Antipoldean Hall, Cuba Street, Wellington

Earliest Date Seen: 1879

Last Date Seen: 1979?


Information from the National Library New Zealand

Lodge Founded by Bro. H. Alexander, of New South Wales, Australia in 1879

Excelsior Lodge

1883: Mr George Tulloch (NZETC)

1902 - Arch Druid Bro. J.P. Smith

1923 - Arch Druid Bro. Parnell, Secretary Bro. W. Mclaughlin

1924 - Arch Druid Bro. Jennings, Secretary Bro. W. Mclaughlin 

1929 - Arch Druid Bro. G. Ellis, Secretary Bro. W. Mclaughlin

Excelsior Lodge Members

1904 - Bro, E. Jackson, P.A.

1908 - Bro. David Wylie d. 1908; Bro. L. Broock; Bro. H.J. Lepper; Bro J. Laughton; Bro. E.J. King; Bro. Casey; Bro. Franklin; Bro. Kemp; Bro. Donovan; Bro. McElwain; Bro. Croucher and Bro. O'Hagen and Bro. Lord A.D.

1923 - Bro W.K. Bishop d. 1923
1924 - Bro. Johnston; and Bro. Edmonds.
1929 - A.D., Bro G. Piercy; V.A.D. Bro.J. Belesky; Bro. Walter Jennings; Bro. I Clark; Bro. Hislop; Bro. Rattray; Bro. Bailey; Bro. A. Oldham; Bro. George Ellis; Bro. Harold Austin; Bro. N. Edmonds; Bro. E.J King; Bro. W McLaughlin, and Bro. Isaac Clark. Bro Captain  W. Manning d - Feburary 1929, Diploma Presentation to Bro. A.R. Oldham - December 1929. Bro. A.J. Braid d. December 1929

1937 - Bro. Fancis Richard Cannon d. 1937

1940 - Bro. Samuel Williams d. 1940 


From the National Library of New Zealand

1880 Evening Post

1887 Thames Star: An Emblem of Paganism: A dispute over errecting a Druid Monument.

1887 Star:  More infomation about the dispute of the Druid Monument involvoing a local Bishop.

1900 Evening Post,  New Druids Hall, Taranaki Street

1907: Evening Post; Lodge Meeting

Evening Post: Lodge Meeting

1915:  Evening Post: Report on Lodge Meeting.

Evening Post - Photograph of Assembled North Island Lodges March 

History of Excelsior Lodge No. 11 of the United Ancient Order of Druids.

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