The Magical Rose Unicorn


What This Image Means To Me...: The Magical Rose Unicorn - His name is Diuu Starelh Haremon, and he is really tiny (flowers provide scale). A painting by Dame Guenn Eona Nimue of Anglamarke.

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Re: The Magical Rose Unicorn

Thank you very much Kenneth. The link you mentioned, and the reference to sixteenth century tapestries in it, has provided a wealth of imagery for me to work with.

Hello Hazel, and thank you for your response. As Kenneth has already pointed me in the right direction, you need not trouble yourself if you are busy.  I am working on an addition to the "Anglamarke" website I created for my mother, at her request, called "Ancient Depictions Of The Nature Spirits". If you have time later, post the image or instructions on how to access it on the web, or email it to me (, I would love to see it. There is no time frame for the completion of the project. 

Strength to you both.

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Re: The Magical Rose Unicorn

I'm traveling now & will be for more than a week longer. I have an image to show you, but I'm not sure that I have the skills to post it to this site. Email I think I can manage. May I know what you are working on? Is there a time-frame involved? Hazel

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Re: The Magical Rose Unicorn

Hopefully this link will be helpful:

Have a wonderful day!


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Re: The Magical Rose Unicorn

Can any one tell me where I might view a "goat as unicorn" image? It would be useful for a project I am currently working on (Google search has not been productive).


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Re: The Magical Rose Unicorn


Hello Hazel!

During a brief search of Google images for both "unicorn heraldry", and "goat heraldry", it appears the unicorn's horn, lion's tail, cloven hooves and "billy-goat beard" rather than head or body distinguishes it, historically, in appearance from that of a horse. I would love to see, if you have them, the "goat" or "goats head" version, as I was unable to find an image of a goat with a single horn in heraldry generally. Sounds interesting. Maybe you could post it in the gallery or your next post here so I could get a look!

And hello to you Skylark,

I felt quite joyful at your response to the Rose Unicorn. It's not simply a single work of art, but one of a number of illustrations from a collection called "Old Faerie Meditations". His name is "Diuu Starelh Haremon", and he is really tiny (flowers provide scale).


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Re: The Magical Rose Unicorn

In our recent past, imagery for a unicorn has changed. In heraldry, a unicorn is a goat (with cloven hooves) & it has the tail of a lion. It is often depicted wearing a chain tether to show that its wild & dangerous nature has to be subdued. 

Re: The Magical Rose Unicorn

What a beautiful picture!  i see new beginnings approaching with Mother Earth being Truly supported by all of Her community right here right now .

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Re: The Magical Rose Unicorn

I see rebellion. A urge to escape from the nomality of destruction into a realm where peace

flurishes. A place where you no longer need to defend yourself for conflict takes no part.

A place to find complete Zen, to be abundant in all things and have no struggle.

This is what I see.