Reincarnation and Reality

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To All The Beautiful Spirits, 

As a psychic painter and medium of over forty years, I need no "proof positive" of the reality of reincarnation. Many are interested in this topic, in seeking reassurance that their lives do not end with their last breath. For those who are not so sure, I recommend they research the work of one Dr. Ian Stevenson, who made deep study of this for forty years and, though cautious about making any definitive claims, he has largely put an end to any question about it. You can easily see videos of some of his research, just Google "The Research Channel" and enter "reincarnation" in the search window, or Google "Dr. Ian Stevenson" for more information.

“Stevenson traveled extensively to conduct field research into reincarnation and investigated cases in Africa, Alaska, Europe, India and both North and South America, logging around 55,000 miles a year between 1966 and 1971. He reported that the children he studied usually started to speak of their supposed past lives between the ages of two and four, then ceased to do so by seven or eight, with frequent mentions of having died a violent death, and what seemed to be clear memories of the manner of death. After interviewing the children, their families, and others, Stevenson would attempt to identify if there had been a living person who satisfied the various claims and descriptions collected, and who had died prior to the child's birth.Stevenson's research is associated with a 'minimalist' model of reincarnation that makes no religious claims. According to Robert Almeder, the central feature of this model is that "There is something essential to some human personalities, however we ultimately characterize it, which we cannot plausibly construe solely in terms of either brain states, or properties of brain states, or biological properties caused by the brain and, further, after biological death this non-reducible essential trait sometimes persists for some time, in some way, in some place, and for some reason or other, existing independently of the person's former brain and body. Moreover, after some time, some of these irreducible essential traits of human personality, for some reason or other, and by some mechanism or other, come to reside in other human bodies either some time during the gestation period, at birth, or shortly after birth.Stevenson believed the strongest cases he had collected in support of this model involved both testimony and physical evidence. In over 40 of these cases Stevenson gathered physical evidence relating to the often rare and unusual birthmarks and birth defects of children which he claimed matched wounds recorded in the medical or post-mortem records for the individual Stevenson identified as the past-life personality.The children in Stevenson's studies often behaved in ways he felt suggestive of a link to the previous life. These children would display emotions toward members of the previous family consistent with their claimed past life, e.g., deferring to a husband or bossing around a former younger brother or sister who by that time was actually much older than the child in question. Many of these children also displayed phillias and phobias associated to the manner of their death, with over half who described a violent death being fearful of associated devices. Many of the children also incorporated elements of their claimed previous occupation into their play, while others would act out their claimed death repeatedly.” 

Let’s begin with these two questions. Why can many of the children he studied clearly remember detailed events from their last incarnation, that have been verified by still living persons and relatives of the deceased, whereas others are seemingly oblivious with regard to knowledge of any past life? Also, how can we explain the appearance of birth marks that correspond, more or less precisely, with the size and location of fatal injuries suffered in the previous incarnation? For some clues to the mechanism involved, we need look no further than events in our daily lives.

Here is an example from my own experience. When I was seven years old (over seventy-five years ago), my mother sat me down and announced that I was to board a ship, alone, bound for Europe the next day, and that I would, until further notice, reside at a small, remote French boarding school for girls. I remember this all as if it happened yesterday, and yet, I often cannot remember where I left a paintbrush, or my keys, just ten minutes ago. The reason for this is that the degree to which we remember events in our daily lives is directly proportional to the level of emotional intensity we feel at the time these events occur. In the minutes and hours following my mother’s announcement, I was literally swept up in a storm of emotional intensity consisting of love, fear, anger, hurt and anxiety, all churning within me, in trying to understand why my mother, who I dearly loved, was sending me to, what might as well have been the other side of the world, and that memory haunts me to this day. However, when I come back from the market and put down my keys, or I am working at my desk and put down a paintbrush, it is almost immediately forgotten, as moments like those are generally devoid of any degree of emotional intensity.

If we apply this same line of reasoning to a fighter pilot who died in a dogfight in WWII, we can clearly see how the level of emotional intensity differs significantly in comparison to someone who, let’s say, died peacefully in their sleep.  The pilot, faced with his imminent death, and the love for, and pending loss of his family, in addition to the pain and severity of his injuries, all conspire to create a state of maximum emotional intensity. This level of emotional intensity can be so great as to not only “carry over” into the next incarnation in the form of vividly remembered details, images and feelings, but even impact, or alter, the genetic code at inception in the following incarnation, producing birthmarks that match the size and location of the fatal wounds leading to their demise in the previous incarnation.

For the person who died in their sleep peacefully, an event marked by a complete lack of emotional intensity, there is not much reason for any memory to “carry over” into the next incarnation. In many instances, however, people who die in this way do retain a “feeling” of having lived before, and this can manifest in a variety of ways, including a seemingly miraculous natural ability in music, the arts or sciences, trades, etc. These people are often referred to as being “gifted” individuals. This is more often associated with, and is a product of, a single minded focus on mastery of a particular activity over a long period of time, in the course of one or more incarnations. With slight variations, this mechanism operates in the same way as in the aforementioned example of “multi-incarnation” memory.

Science has not only provided a believable avenue to this apparently unbelievable reality, but a factual and irrefutable one as well. Energy can be neither created nor destroyed, only endlessly recycled (reincarnated) in an endless series of transformations. The study of atomic structure as I have come to understand it, and the ethereal nature of what we call matter, has been conclusively proven to be largely “empty space” (in academic terms) at the atomic level. Therefore, the perception of solidity, weight, light and heat, etc. that we experience have to do entirely with forces that are electromagnetic and electrostatic in nature. Even now, academia generally assumes gravity to be some as yet unknown form of electromagnetism, undetectable, so far, due to its extremely long, or extremely short wave length and even possibly some combination of the two. So, is their any such thing as ghosts? Science has spoken, and the answer is emphatically yes, as we are, in our current condition, the proof of that fact. Some people’s eyes will continue to “glaze over” when you attempt to discuss this with them as many are simply unable to comprehend or understand anything, even factual information, which lies outside of their frame of reference.  

The spirit continues to make evolutionary progress on multiple levels at all times, and is not at all prevented from doing so by our current condition. This existence is but one facet of the multifaceted, ethereal shining and immutable eternal jewel that we call the soul. 

Dame Guenn Eona Nimue of "Anglamarke"