"Celtic Cosmos" Volume 3, Issue 3 Call for Submissions

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Celtic Cosmos - Call for Submissions - Aontacht Magazine - Volume 3, Issue 3

The balance and exchange in the hemispheres tilts, as we recover from the jollities of Samhain and Beltane festivities. Meanwhile the Aontacht Production team has swung into action and has started the preparations for our next issue.

This issue is centered on the “Celtic Cosmos”, a subject which may be close to many people hearts, as it involves everything related to the Celtic universe, even how one might move between and within it.

The submission deadline for articles is the 15th November, 2010. We appreciate that this is a shorter notice than the usual one month timeframe normally given. In such a case as this, late submissions will be accepted up too early December.

The Celts viewed the Cosmos as an ensouled, relational universe. How do we observe and relate to the universe in a participatory way?

Some ideas which might inspire:

  •  What does the cosmos mean to you within Modern Druid Practice?
  •  How does the cosmos become interwoven into the annual Wheel within nature?
  •  What understandings have the academics to share about the Celtic Cosmos?
  •  How does the Celtic Cosmos become enshrined in the folklore?
  •  Does the Celtic Cosmos play apart in Druidry when defined as a religion?
  •  Book reviews relating to any aspect of the “Celtic Cosmos” welcomed
  •  Aromatherapy, Bach remedies, massage and food recipes to put one into cosmic delight!

As the Celtic Cosmos encloses everything, there are a host of possibilities open to everyone who wishes to share and submit their work for publication.

If you're not sure whether your submission is appropriate or not, still send it to us and we can decide or work with you on it. We encourage well written new authors to submit their works for consideration and look forward to seeing all of your contributions.

Submissions can be emailed to aontacht@druidicdawn.org or DDaontacht@gmail.com.


On behalf of the Aontacht Production Team


DD Representative, Aontacht


Thank you for your time and consideration



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