Megalithic Science meets Modern Transport Sunset 19 march 2009 Silbury Hill

About this video:

'Summer Solstice sunset down Silbury Hill as seen from the path up to West Kennet Long Barrow (recorded 19th June 2010)
Lovely clear sky today, perhaps I left the sun a fraction too close to the hill, which gives it a bit of a flat tyre when it passes the bulge. (The slope isn't as straight as it looks.)
When I complained to the men of Kent (who were passing on their annual visit to West Kennet Long Barrow) that the entire herd of cows was trying to lick my skin, suck my jacket and walk through my tripod the whole time, they told me that was actually a load of bullocks!'...marinagraham

Playtime 1.50 minutes

Tags: Avebury, Silbury Hill