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For the upcoming Winter/Summer issue of Aontacht (Volume 3, Issue 3), we will be interviewing author, publisher and druid practitioner, Graeme K. Talboys.

Graeme and his friend Julie White are the founders of the Hedge Druid Network, a forum for solitary Druids who have either left Orders or never belonged. Graeme is also the publisher of Grey House in the Woods, a publishing house whose aim is to build up a catalogue of informative books for Druids about the Druid Way.

You can find out more about his work at

I am sure you will have a number of things that you'd like to ask Graeme about his work to provide solitary Druids with a social framework and a wide assortment of resources.
Now is a unique opportunity for you to ask a question and get a direct response. Don't be bashful. Your questions are important.

So, please email your thoughtful questions to us! As always, questions are presented to the interviewee in an anonymous fashion, but we do ask that you keep them clean, professional and courteous. (We reserve the right to disregard submissions which do not follow those guidelines.)

Please do not "Reply" with your question submissions. Instead, email them directly to me at

Blessed Be!

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