Are the EU are trying to Kill Us All

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If you can make something 'unbelievable enough'... people won't believe
it... until it's too late.

Our Health, our Lives, Healing and Beliefs (Faith), as we know it, will shortly cease to exist if Secret EU Rules are allowed to come into force by April 2011.

It seems that they are banning the use of all things Natural... and we have all been kept in the dark about it.

No Natural Healing, no Natural Foods, you won't even be able to Offer or Teach Natural Healing...

Please read the link below and sign the petition.  Next... tell everyone you know.  Next... tell everyone you don't know.

I want to be a Druid for the rest of my life - does this mean that I have just 6 months to live...?

Blessing to All  /|\



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Re: Are the EU are trying to Kill Us All

Oh, that said, I did sign this - can't hurt to exercise my democratic right; however I'm not worried bout codex:)

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Re: Are the EU are trying to Kill Us All

I'm currently very engrossed in the process by which Herbal Medicine is being regulated in the UK... a process which is actually looking to Europe for part of its salvation (I.E. The statutory regulation of practitioners) as the current plans of the UK government are far from satisfactory. 

Also remember that it is human rights from Brussels, not London that have helped to guarantee our right to practice paganism and druidry without being discriminated against... Europe might well be the saving face of Herbal Medicine (I use this as an example I know about in some depth) however our current British government is giving myself and my colleagues in Herbal practice a run for our money. Especially since the Conservative government performed a U-Turn on legislation we hoped would guarantee our right to practice and dispense restricted substances.

Just a couple of observations:)  

Re GM foodstuffs, Europe has very strict rules on this subject that protect us on this matter; compare this to say, America, where 98% of sugar beet is from GM stock produced by two companies... and cloned livestock are a looming possibility on the horizon... and, oh, most of the meet is hormonally modified.. Know which I'd prefer if truth be told!

While I sometimes do wonder if we in fact lost WW2 by joining the common market as it was then known, and I am sometimes Euro-sceptic, I'd say there's far more danger from our own Conservative government - they're the ones to watch at the moment... It might be fanciful to say that Europe are trying to kill us all - but if planned cuts are made to say, the health service, it might be accurate to say that Westminster has killed some of us...

Not flaming anyone, just my opinion:)



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Re: Are the EU are trying to Kill Us All

Thanks for alerting us to this shameful and irresponsible matter. Have signed the petition immediately and truly hope this legislation can be stopped in the UK, if not elsewhere in Europe!

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