Geraldton Lodge

Druid Order: UAOD

Town: Banbury, Western Australia

Place of Meeting: Club Hotel later at theDruid Hall, Banbury, WA

Earliest Date Seen: 1895

Last Date Seen: 1945


"The Geraldton Lodge of the United Ancient Order of Druid's was formed on 25 September 1895, in the Club Hotel.6 The Lodge was inaugurated on 4 October 1895.7 The signatures of the first twenty-five members are recorded on a medical certificate signed by resident medical officer Dr Charles Bolton Elliott, which passed them as eligible members of the Lodge. By November 1896, there were fourteen Druid lodges in the State, four of them in the metropolitan area and the rest in rural centres, including Geraldton. Membership of the lodges totalled more than 1,300 and another three were in the process of forming. The West Australian lodges were on the register of the Grand Lodge of the United Ancient Order of Druids in Victoria."


PDF File from Heritage Council of Western Australia - for more details

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Re: Geraldton Lodge

It has amazed me to stumble on this article that relates to a history of Druidry here in Geraldton .

For some time now I have felt the lonely path of a Druid in a regional area of Western Australia - I travelled the Bardic Grade - solo ceremonies - solo Gwers - yet I did not feel my experiences were compromised or my knowledge stifled .

Now it is the time for me to tread the path of the Ovate .

I know this building you speak of and must say that it has been dessicrated by the ignorant and materialistic developers of this region . I remember it having been the Salvation Army Centre and you could actually still make out the outline of the Druid's Hall on its facade .

Alas this was taken off recently and the building now has been partially demolished and renovated for office blocks ( the facade still remains though )

I have wondered what it would have been like to have been part of the group and how they would have celebrated the wheel of the year and related to the Druid Philosophy during those early times .

I've even gone to the building and spent some time trying to tune into any imprints these days may have left . One can feel something - but unfortunately it is overwhelmed by all the changes that have been wrought on the building recently ..........

For me life as an Ovate Druid here remains a lonely yet fruitful journey - it would be something though if I could share time and space in a local grove with like minded folk over a ceremony or ritual ............ like for instance the one we celebrate right now ( SAMHUINN ) .

Peace , and may The Great Spirit truly bless whatever is left of the Geraldton Druid Hall .

Petrichor ( Formerly Aracos - OBOD )