Maitai Lodge

Druid Order: UAOD

Lodge Number: 301

Town: Nelson, New Zealand

Place of Meeting: Lodge Room, Waimea Street

Earliest Date Seen: 1893

Last Date Seen: 1907


From the National LIbrary New Zealand:-

1893 Colonist 1st Quarterly Meeting at Sigleys hall, sugggest lodge established in 1892.

1894 Colonist: Half yearly meeting

1895 Nelson Evening Mail; Annerversary Demonstration.

1897: Nelson Evening Mail; Financial Meeting 

1899: Colonist;  Druids Anniversay Social.

1901: Nelson Evening Mail; Farewell Banquet P.D.P Bro Jickell.

1903: Colonist; Half yearly meeting.

1904: Nelson Evening Mail; Half yearly meeting.

1905: Colonist; Formal opening of New Druids Hall.

1907: Colonist; Funeral of Bro. Herbert.