Pod cats from Druid Network Day

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Hi friends,

I'm wondering who I am ask about re. Pod Casts from the recent Druid Netowrk day in Birmingham. I presented a magic / talk session but missed some of the other sessiosn as I had to leave quickly.

I think it's Nigel Daley who edits / uploads the Pod Cast, but I can't find his contact details anywhere.

If you see this Nigel do PM me of send me a note via www.magicofsoul.com

Big blessings y'all.

Mark T /+\      


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Re: Pod cats from Druid Network Day

Greetings Blue Raven,

Druidic Dawn having obtained permission from the Druid Network has managed to video aspects of the event 'Expressions of Druidry' at the recent TDN Conference, after dispatching an associated colleague there for this purpose.

Druidic Dawn doesn't produce a pod cast per se, however the audio tracks from the presentations could be made available to the Druid Network Podcast, which this website is linked into. It is early to say at the moment as no one in the Management Team has as yet seen the rushes; a lot depends on the quality and so forth.

The actual video content from the conference will be available in the near future here on Druidic Dawn within the community membership space. This will enable Druids from around the world, which was unable to be present, like myself, to have access to the wide variety of presentations and shared knowledge. Once the rushes have been edited where full credit can be given to its organisers (TDN), presenters (Blue Raven) and others involved. These will be made available, together with a complementary DVD being dispatched to the conference presenter, whose permission has been obtained prior too or after the event.

Please bear in mind the Management Team and its associated Aontacht Production Team are all unpaid volunteers who have dedicated their free time to this non-profit website, its community and Druidry since its inception.  These things can only be achieved through the support of the community and the donations which it receives, enabling such events and other aspects of the teams' work to become available to everyone.