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Hello and Welcome! My name is Jason Griffith and I, like all of you, am a humble Druid dedicated to my path.  I own and direct a small web development and graphic design company called Phoenix Web Impressions & Graphic Design™.  I established my company with the sole purpose of aiding the "Mom & Pop" businesses in not only from getting out from underneath the shadow of large corporations, but in getting put onto the same level as them in the fields of marketing and advertising.  My company achieves this by providing the same professional web development & graphic design services that well established corporations receive but at only a fraction of the cost that these corporations will pay. To put it bluntly: We are the little guys that help other little guys to carry a big stick!

We set our prices so that ANY organization or small business can afford our services without worrying about additional strain to their establishment's finances.

We want to ensure that ALL small businesses and organizations (to include faith based & non-profit) are provided with the means to advertise on the web in order to reach out to an infinitely broader client base.  We also want to ensure that these establishments have professionnally designed logos, banners, posters and flyers (just to name a few) that display graphic images that represent their establishment to the fullest extent. We work along side our clients to ensure that all projects meet (or exceed) their expectations.

Let Phoenix Web Impressions™ provide your organization or small business with the tools to get you noticed!Visit us at !

Feel free to contact me directly by phone or e-mail, to discuss pricing and further details.  

Phone# (United States): 541-604-0367


Respectful Tidings Under the Oaks,

Jason B. Griffith

Owner/Director - Phoenix Web Impressions & Graphic Design 

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