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For the upcoming Spring/Fall issue of Aontacht (Volume 3, Issue 4), we will be interviewing Shakti who is a trained artist, Psychosynthesis therapist and OBOD Druid.

Originally Swiss, she has been living in Spain for the last 25 years. In 1998 she bought a 108 acre mountain woodland property in Catalonia, Spain, and in 2005 put it at the disposal of an OBOD Seed-group. They are now the Lothlorien-Nemeton Grove. Their Project has a Druidic basis in the sense that the core group is formed by three OBOD people: two Druids and one Ovate.

The Project is mainly dedicated to Ecopsychology and Applied Psychosynthesis and they are creating and sustaining a powerful and diverse ecosystem. Her work on the Internet (as Anam Cara) leaves her time to do her unique art and explore the wonders of their community landscape.

Next issue - come read about this incredibly talented druid and her associates and the community they have evolved and see how they are preparing for life after the peak oil crisis.

Meanwhile find out some about her work at (Vivian's Quest) and at (Art)

I am sure you will have a number of things that you'd like to ask Shakti about her work to create a unique community based on Druidic principles!

Now is a unique opportunity for you to ask a question and get a direct and personal response. Don't be bashful. Your questions and perspective are important to us and our entire community.

So, please email your thoughtful questions to us!

As always,questions are presented to the interviewee in an anonymous fashion, but we do ask that you keep them clean, professional and courteous. (We reserve the right to disregard submissions which do not follow those guidelines.)

Please do not "Reply" with your question submissions. Instead, email them directly to me at

Blessed Be!

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