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Here is some information on the people that facilitate the Merlin's Wisdom programme, all are drawn from the original Clan members that have worked the mystery path up to the present:



Julian Clark

- has been many things to many people but now prefers to avoid titles and simply continue to try to be the best person he can be and to ride the river of mystery to its conclusion. The majority of his shamanic training has been under the guidance of John and Caitlin Matthews, although he has from time to time worked with other teachers such as Bob Stewart and Marion Green. Julian believes that Merlin once more is ready to converse with those that are prepared to listen and that through this work we may help not only preserve the ancient knowledge but also more importantly discover new ways to bring harmony to our lives and the lives of others. His varied life is shared between being a musician, healer and facilitator for Merlin's Wisdom and a lawyer in the City of London during the week.

John Parker

IIn the mid nineties John reached a fork in the path of his life and chose the route that seemed to offer answers to deeply ingrained questions, some of which at that time, were but vague shadows in a strange mist. Driven on by feelings that were as hard to quantify as the questions and a burning desire to know more John studied Druidry with the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids (subsequent to a ‘timely’ and informative visit to Tintagel when on holiday in Cornwall). This line of study led him to Celtic Shamanism through the teachings of John and Caitlin Matthews and also Johnathan Horwitz. John says of Merlin's Wisdom, “Merlin’s Wisdom is a refreshing working system that allows individuals of all denominations and backgrounds to come together, work and benefit not only as a group but personally as well at a very deep level”. John currently lives in Salisbury Wiltshire, about twelve miles South of Stonehenge, with his lovely, loving wife Julia and their three children. All of whom on occasion have endured a certain amount of weirdness.

Wil Kinghan

IIs a Shamanic Practitioner in the native Celtic traditions and an initiated Wiccan High Priest and has been exploring
the Irish and North European mysteries since childhood when, aged 15, he bought a book on Runes. Since then he has explored
many diverse paths of magic including training in Shamanism with his partner Cait, herself trained by John and Caitlin Matthews.

Wil is currently working in the mysteries of Merlin and is training as a bard with the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids,
he is also involved in the development of native men's mysteries and rites of passage. He believes strongly in
nurturing the links between the land, ancestors and people today, and in the creation of new accessable magic
to help us reforge the bridge to the world of our allies, the spirits. Currently a writer and artist, he lives in Co. Wexford, Ireland with the love of his life and their daughter (plus various animals and thingies).