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Merlins Wisdom I

A Journey of Rebirth and Discovery at Cae Mabon,

Llanberis, North Wales.


This residential course utilises the Celtic Sweat House (Teach an Allas) as an otherworld gateway leading to a new sense of understanding and perception, which can either compliment your other ways of working, or stand-alone.
In the midst of an oak forest by the banks of a rushing river the participants will meet together, working with journey (shamanic trance states), meditation, ritual and song in preparation for a Celtic Sweat which will take place on Saturday night. While the teachings of Merlin and the Sweat Ceremony are both extremely powerful ways of working, the entire course is taught and lead in a gentle and respectful way so that no prior Sweat Lodge experience is necessary.

It should be noted that preparation for the sweat will require participants work from early on Saturday morning, with the sweat in the evening, potentially running into the early hours of Sunday with as much time as possible spent on the land.

Merlin's Wisdom II

An Underworld Journey Near Penzance, Cornwall.

Location to be arranged.


The second gateway to the mystery of Merlin is taught in the Celtic land of Kernow (or Cornwall, as it is now known). Again, the process uses the Celtic sweat as a doorway into a deeper understanding of the mysteries of Merlin. This is a closed course in that the only participants will be those that originally came together and worked on Merlin I. This is in order to maintain a "clan bond" and build upon the level of trust that developed through the first Merlin course.

The experience is more intense and introduces sacred geometry into the construction and formation f the lodge. Once again the work takes place over a weekend with the participants engaging a series of preparations which include mediation, journey, song, dance and ritual. This is Merlin's passage from boy to man. From the child that is taken to Dinas Emrys as a sacrifice but leaves as the shaman magician and advisor to kings. It therefore facilitates the start of a journey to your own inner power. 




Merlin's Wisdom III

A Forest Initiation Broceliande, Brittany, France.



The third Merlin gateway, like the others is residential. This time the work takes place in the forest of Brocelande in Brittany, France. Once again it is a closed course only open to the group that have by this point completed both Merlin I and Merlin II. Here the participants draw upon the knowledge, learning and experience that they have gained to this point in order to physically walk between the worlds by entering another worldly gateway, physically journeying through the other worldly forest. By this point participants will have gained a very close relationship with their spirit animals and guides which is essential for this part of the work.

In terms of Merlin it represents Merlin's period spent living wild in the forest having witnesses the horrors of battle, it is the time of realisation but also preparation before he is ready to once again enter into the world and continue with his development and transition to teacher that works with and heals the land, it is the path that leads to the first step towards the starry observatory. This time the course is taught over four days in order for participants not only to be able to prepare fully but also to have the opportunity to visit a number of the sacred and historical sites of the forest. The all inclusive cost of this course covers transport costs to France from the UK, as well as accommodation. 



Merlin's Wisdom IV

The Gateway - Isle of Man


The fourth stage is taught and facilitated on the Isle of Man. This is a conclusion phase of the first three parts of Merlin's wisdom and is the meeting of the land and sea, the self and the spirit. It is Merlin's re-emergence from the forest ready to walk the path towards the starry observatory. The course involves further preparation and a deeper study and understanding of the works of Merlin and the development of the self. It culminates in a challenge set by Merlin which will be individually bespoke to the particular participants. It is possible at this stage that other that have completed the first three parts of Merlin may attend to meet with others that have walked the path but have decided to complete the first three phases and leave the forest at different times. Again travel costs are included in the price as well as accommodation costs.