Grand Grove of California

Druid Order: UAOD

Lodge Number: 1


Grand Grove, UAOD

610-B San Pablo Avenue
Pinole, CA 94564

Town: Pinole, CA

Place of Meeting: Pinole

Earliest Date Seen: 1864

Last Date Seen: Current


1890: The 26th Annual session of the Grand Grove was held in Sacremento under the leadership of  National Grove Arch E.L. Wagner. The  Grand Secretary  John H. Kuarsion, reports a membership of 3,380, and  three groves who had surended their charters. At this session a move were commenced to 'raise a monument over the grave of Wiliam Selg' the founder of UAOD in California. (Morning Call)

Lodge Members

1864: Henry Wulff (Rootsweb)

1890: George Salcovich; H.Sprick; H Heikens.(Sacremento Daily Record-Union)

1891: M. Popp: August Koletzke; Charles W. Schaefe. (Morning Call)

1892: Hon. George H. Buck (Rootsweb)

1901: Charles Jordan, TV. S. Pitner. Charles Schaefer. (San Francisco Call)

1901: Officers of the Grand Grove - Newspaper image

1902: Officers of the Grand Grove - Newspaper image


1883: Rootsweb; Historical Souvenir of El Dorado County, California with Illustrations & Biographical Sketches of its Prominent Men & Pioneers - Oakland, Cal. - Paolo Sioli, Publisher, 1883. p - 269 Transcribed by Kathy Sedler

1890: Sacremento Daily Record-Union

1891: Morning Call

1901: San Francisco Call

1892:  Rootsweb; A memorial and biographical history of the coast counties of Central California : illustrated : containing  history of this important section of the Pacific coast from the earliest period of its discovery to the
present time, together with glimpses of its auspicious future, illustrations and full-page portraits of
some of its eminent men, and biographical mention of many of its pioneers, and prominent citizens of
to-day (1893)

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