Duxbury Grove

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Druid Order: UAOD

Lodge Number: 26

Town: Bolinas, California, USA

Earliest Date Seen: 1875

Last Date Seen: 1919


Captain Alfred Easkoot [1870s–] member of this Grove

DRUIDS GROVE. 1880—Duxbury Grove No. 26, United Ancient Order of Druids was organized Under Dispensation August 2, 1874, and their charter was granted June 3, 1875. 

Charter members -Joseph Adams, James Pedrotti, Henry Wegner, Albert Ingerman, Samuel Clark, J. C. Gibson, W. J. Randall, Thomas Johnson, John Turner, Wm. Betten, James M. Davis, and W. W. Wilkins.

The first officers Under Dispensation were Samuel Clark, N. A.; James M. Davis, V. A.; W. J. Randall,
Sec. and Treas. The first officers Under Constitution were the same as above.

Their present officers are E. F. Betten, N. A.; N. C. Odin, V. A; Samuel Clark, R. Sec; R. T. Cottingham, F. Sec, and James Steele, Treas.

The present membership is fifty. When the Grove was first organized the meetings were held in an upper room at the residence of Samuel Clark, and were continued there until the completion of the new hall, September, 1879. The building is twenty-six by fifty and thirty feet to the eaves. The lower story is fourteen feet to the ceiling, and is used for a public hall. The upper room, which is the lodge hall, is fifteen feet to the ceiling and twenty-five by thirty-five feet, with two ante-rooms. This room is nicely furnished and is one of the most pleasant lodge rooms in the county. (Veridian Didital Library)

Lodge Members

1890: Bolinas M. Tomass; Charles L. Nott; George Runckel.(Sacremento Daily Record-Union)

1901: A. S. McCurdy; N. C. Odin; F. G. Waterhouse. (San Francisco Call)

1919 Charles Louts Nott member of this Grove


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