Perseverance Grove (French)

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Druid Order: UAOD

Lodge Number: 10

Town: San Francisco, California, USA

Place of Meeting: Odd Fellows Hall (1881)

Earliest Date Seen: 1871

Last Date Seen: 1913


The Morning Call-San Fransisco indicates the grove celebrated its 20th anversiry in 1881 setting  its earliest date to 1871. Meets every Tuesday evening

Lodge Members

1876: Olivier Alexandre P. Colette d1876 - Nobal Arch Druid of the Grove; Mr. Pierre (Philip) Theas successor (Rootsweb)

1882: L.F. Durand, (Daily Alta California)

1889: Edward Lafayette Wagner (Illistrated Fraternal Directory)

1890: Arthur Bailly; L Chassague; Theodor Dalmon; L.F. Lunand; J. Micnel; A. Pianca; P. Monier; S. Pidancet, Ch. Scheggia.(Sacremento Daily Record-Union)

1901: A. P. Allemann; J. Bordenave; P. G. Horel; J. L. Ccntat; V. Dastrevig-ne; A. Cavillet; M. Joubert; A. Martin; J. Michel.(San Francisco Call) 

1913: Louis Demangeon, a native of France, a member of Perseverance Grove, No. 10, U.A.O.D. (SF Geneaology)


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