Garibaldi Grove

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Druid Order: UAOD

Lodge Number: 71

Town: San Fransico, California, USA

Place of Meeting: Pythian Hall (1889)

Earliest Date Seen: 1886

Last Date Seen: 1986


1889 Meets thursday eveing.

Lodge Members

1890 G. Cereghino; C. Clivio; g. Morest. (Sacremento Daily Record-Union)


1986: Grand
Grove of the United Ancient Order of Druids of California v. The
Garibaldi Grove, No. 71, of the United Ancient Order of Druids

1889: Illustrated Fraternal Directory

1889-90  Husted's Oakland, Alameda and Berkeley Directory 

1891: The Morning Call-San Fransisco Fraternal Index Pdf or hmtl

1890: Sacremento Daily Record-Union

1900 & 1906 Grand Grove U.A.O.D. v. Garibaldi Grove No. 71