Cypress Grove

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Druid Order: UAOD

Lodge Number: 51

Town: Petaluma, California, USA

Place of Meeting: Petaluma

Earliest Date Seen: 1889

Last Date Seen: 1901


Care needs to be taken as there is also a Cypruss Grove belonging to the Fratrnal Society known as the Woodsman Circle, inclusive this one of the UAOD as listed in The Morning Call-San Fransisco 1891 (see Missouri Genealogy Data & St. Louis Public Library Ferternal Societies )

1890: Carl Plow; C.H Wilson; J.W. Hoag; O.T. Baldwin.(Sacremento Daily Record-Union) 

1897: Druid Convention hosted by this Grove in Petaluma (San Francisco Call)

1901: E.P. Hanson; J.E. Jacobsen; V. Riedi; G.N. Smith. (San Francisco Call)


1889: Illustrated Fraternal Directory

1890: Sacremento Daily Record-Union

1891: The Morning Call-San Fransisco Fraternal Index Pdf or hmtl

1897: San Francisco Call June Pdf file

1901: San Francisco Call

Missouri Genealogy Data 

St. Louis Public Library Ferternal Societies