Laurel Grove

Druid Order: UAOD

Lodge Number: 17



Town: San Francisco, California, USA

Place of Meeting: 403 Kearny Street

Earliest Date Seen: 1871

Last Date Seen: 1901


1871: "Davis Louderback', the N. O. A. of the Grand Grove of the United Ancient Order of Druids of California, has issued the following circular to the Subordinates in this jurisdiction: >■ :— - — J.M ■!-.:!. II VU" : -. ...-.''.. Office or tub Nodlk Gband a boh or the Grand Grove, -j' Statj: or California, -Offce, -Druids'; Hall, 418 Suttee Street, Sax Francisco, October 11th, 1871. | To all Grove Subordinate to the Grand Grove of Californi — Sirs and Brothers: . -The . terrible conflagrations that have recently desolated the city of Chicago, have reduced thousands of Its Inhabitants- to- want and misery. The homes of over a thousand Druids have been destroyed by the tire fiend, and they and their wives and little ones are, now the victims of heart-rending woe and destitution. Every dictate .of humanity, .as i well as I the mandates of Drutdlc. charity, -require.' that • our Groves: and brethren . • should * - contribute '' liberally to relieve our suffering Brethren,* and to assuage the sorrows and dry the tears of their wives 'and children. In the name of our Order I therefore appeal to you on . their behalf, i Let no Grove or 'Brother fall to do his duty lv this Instance. ..Remember the assistance. of all Is needed, and that every dollar given will serve the , purposes of charity and relief. ' il-^ — . ..-..-„ .i.'- All donations may be sent to H. J. Hartnagi'l, Grand Secretary, No. 534 California street, San Francisco, who will transmit the same to Chicago.' j ; Yours, fraternally, In U. P. and C, ''■•'■'}} -j .i to Davis Lovdeuhack, Noble Grand Arch. • Attest: 11. J. Hartnaiiei,, Grand Secretary. :': ' ■ I Although Order in, this State Is of comparatively recent I origin, and many of the Groves with small means, a liberal response Is expected. ! Last evening, Elviu Grove Mo. 16 met and subscribed 1226; Laurel Grove No. 17 subscribed $11 a, and Giutlie Grove No. *14 < subscribed »115. Eleven more Groves in this city are to be heard from. Those that have already subscribed very nearly exhausted their 'treasuries. AH the Groves recently invested their funds to clear mortgages on their hall." (Veridian Digital Library)

1893: Meets every Friday Evening

Lodge Members

1882:  Adam Smith. (Daily Alta California)

1888: P. J. Moliterno; J.W. Molinari; C.F. Molinari; L. Perri: J.W. Maher; E. Ghiradelli; J. Jacobs. (Daily Alta)

1890: Joao M. Vleria d. (Morning Call); Adam Smith
(Morning Call) S. American; William King; G Tacconi; J. C. Bernstein; C. F Molinari; Charles Valiant; Henry A. Chase; G Meachling; James E. Wolfe; P. J. Moliterno; J.W. Molinori; W. H. Edwards; J. W. Maher; A. Smith; G. Siibrrman; C. Antonioli; J. Durschke.(Sacremento Daily Record-Union)

1892: Mr. Paulucci (

1893: Adam Smith Grand Officer (

1901: Henry A. Chase; James Hagan; S. Kucich; L.J. Peri; 1m. A. Wolf. (San Francisco Call)


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