Mount Tamalpais Grove

Druid Order: UAOD

Lodge Number: 58

Town: San Rafael, California, USA

Place of Meeting: San Rafael

Earliest Date Seen: 1889

Last Date Seen: 1902


Lodge Members

1890: T.S. Beneau; J.D. Lawton; J.J. O'Reilly; P.E. Johnson. (Sacremento Daily Record-Union)

1892: Mr. James W. Cochrane ( & Rootsweb)

1893 Members total 56 (Morning Call)

1901: T.P. Boyd; W.J. Boyd; W.F. Dougherty. (San Francisco Call)

1902: P.A Paul Albert; Nobal Arch, M. Dunand, Vice Arch, E.B Martinelli; Secretary, F.H. Miller; Treasurer, S. Herzog; Conductor, F.L. Bowen; Inside Guardians, G. Shaver; Outside Guardians, G.L. Stevenson; Bards to Noble Arch, Henry Crane and A.F. Pacheco; Bards to Vice Arch E.S. Rake and M. Maseen. (Marin Country, Marin Fair)



1889: Illustrated Fraternal Directory

1890: Sacremento Daily Record-Union


1892: Rootsweb

1893: Morning Call pdf file

1901: San Francisco Call

1902: Marin Country, Marin Fair pdf file