Norma Grove

Druid Order: UAOD

Lodge Number: 5

Town: San Francisco, California, USA

Place of Meeting: ??

Earliest Date Seen: 1885

Last Date Seen: 1902


1891: Noe Valley No.72 Consolodating with Norma Grove, No. 5: Early completion expected on the Sieg Monument (Morning Call)

1893: Meets first and third Friday evening of each month (CF Directory)

Lodge Members

1890: George H Bahrs;  Henry Stein (Morning Call); John Peterson; C. C. O'Donnell; Morris Schloss, C. D. Wallace, Henry Stein. (Sacremento Daily Record-Union)

1892: George H. Barhs d. (Rootsweb)

1901: J. W.Goetze, C. C. O'Donnell.  (San Francisco Call) 

1902: Louis Anderson (Veridian Digital Library)


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