Union Grove

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Druid Order: UAOD

Lodge Number: 61

Town: San Francisco, California, USA

Place of Meeting: Union Hall

Earliest Date Seen: 1885

Last Date Seen: 1891


1887 Meetings Monday Evenings

1890: "Union Grove, No. 61, U. A. 0. D., organized in 1885, has about sixty to sixty-five members, and is very prosperous. It meets every Monday, in Union Hall, corner of Twentieth and O streets. George Lemkee, Past Arch; W. L. Benning, N. A.; M. S. Neves, Treas.; N. Harvie, Sec; Gus. Peterson, Cond.; D. G. Mannix, I. G.; M. Meshado, O. G." (An illustrated history of Sacramento County, California) 

Lodge Members

1890: Eugene J. Gregory (Morning Call) Nobal Arch (Illistrated Fraternal Directory) E. Lavine; M.S. Nevis; George Lemke; W.L. Bening.(Sacremento Daily Record-Union) 

1891:  M. P. Johnson; H. Schroe; M. Axevedo. Treasurer; George Lemke, Secretary; P. A. Lavme, Conductor; A. Ulnniolph, I. G.; J. G. Corey; Trustee, George Light Bard (The record-union)


1887: Sacramento daily record-union

1889: Illustrated Fraternal Directory 

1890: Morning Call

1890: Sacremento Daily Record-Union 

1890: An illustrated history of Sacramento County, California

1891:  The record-union