Walhalla Grove

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Druid Order: UAOD

Lodge Number: 6

Town: Sacramento County, California, USA

Place of Meeting: ?

Earliest Date Seen: 1866

Last Date Seen: 1890


1890: Walhalla Grove, No. 6, U. A. 0. D., was organized August 10, 1866, and incorporated June 13, 1874. The charter members and officers were: Anton Menke, N. A.; C. H. Krebs, V. A.; Theodore Even, Sec; Jacob Keeber, Treas. ; C. C. Hayden, M. Kestler and J. Acker. The officers at this writing are: J. L. Gomez, N. A.; N. McArthur, V. A.; M.Wetzel, Treas.;H. Mejer, Sec; M. Wilson, Cond.; A. Gonnet, I. G.; J. Lewis, O. G. There are seventy-five members. (An illustrated history of Sacramento County, California)

1890: Fidelity Grove, No. 31, U. A. O. D., organized in 1878, was consolidated with Walhalla Grove, May 1, 1888. (An illustrated history of Sacramento County, California)

Lodge Members

1882: Marcons Wilson (Daily Alta California)

1890: C. H. Schaper d.1889 (An illustrated history of Sacramento County, California); William Avery; A.Gonnet; J. L. Gomez; M.Hirsh; M. Wilson. (Sacremento Daily Record-Union)

1901: James Chrorini; J. Lewis; Henry Meyer; William Perry; S. Posga.(San Francisco Call)


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