May marriages ill-fated?

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Hello. I have read that there was a belief in Scotland that May was a month to be avoided at a date for marriage. An acquaintance who was brought up in the Russian Orthodox Christian faith had been told the same thing. What might the basis have been for this outlook? Thanks. Hazel

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Re: May marriages ill-fated?

I learned at Celtic Civilasation at Edinburgh University, that this is, because when you marry, you make children. And children conceived in May will see the light of this earth in February, whis is a bad time to get children. the storage is getting thin, it is still cold and nearly no food left. So it is very hard to get the New born Babys and the Mothers through this month.


this makes sense to me. 

 Though I think there can be more to this belief.


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Re: May marriages ill-fated?

Befor I started my Druidic path The coven I was a member of had the same conversation we found that between all of us ther were a decent amount of peaple we knew ( including one of the members ) That were married on or around beltain. the member of our coven and his partner did not make it the traditional year and a day and all the others were split up. So it seems no matter the faith it is just better to be safe than sorry and do it in April or June. when I get married I am not going to test fate lol.