What This Image Means To Me...: PAA-TROLLE-UM IN HIS CRYSTALLINE GARDENS.... In this first of the elemental portraits, you see Lord Paa-Trolle-Um, Father/Monitor to all of Earth’s mineral systems, including bituminous coal and anthracite coal, together with the networks of precious and semi-precious gems. He shares this ruler-ship with the Gnomish Monitor, Cavernmaster Kooshakolho Ming Don.

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Re: Paa-Trolle-Um

Thank you very, very much, Elkie. I consider it a great gift, and an honor, to finally be able to show them. Believe it or not, his hat is actually a real morel mushroom, first dried, and then treated with a fixative, that was glued to the image surface. So glad you enoyed it!

Love and Light! Guenn 

Re: Paa-Trolle-Um

Guenn, what beautiful gifts you are giving us! A hearty thank-you!