Save our Trees

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Please see this compelling article about WIFI - and what it is doing to our trees.  Please view the Research material within.

The Church of England is planning to put WIFI in every one of its Churches in UK.  The signals will blanket the whole of England

There will be nowhere left which does not have a beating microwave pulse through it.  The WIFI is damaging our trees, killing our wildlife, birds navigation systems, responsible perhaps in collaboration with chemicals for bee colony collapse. Not to mention the health effects on every one of us.

Please contact your local Diocese, or local Church of England Church

to ask them not to indulge in this criminal practice of destroying our enivironment. Humans have been brushed off with "it must be psychological" - this cannot be justified with trees.

Contrary to what people believe there are not signals everywhere at the moment.  WIFI signals are higher frequency equivalent to a microwave oven, although not of the same strength. At the moment there are areas of natural beauty.

 Please contact a Church knowing you will send Blessings & Love to a tree today.

Thank you


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Re: Save our Trees


 I do my part towards Saving our Trees, Forests and the Environment by helping out with a Local Fish Habitat Conservation Group that does Volunteer Work on a Burnaby Creek called Byrne Creek.

 That is where I do my bit and that keeps me Happy and Content.  Doing my Little Bit helps me keep my Head Up and Proud.