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Author: Graeme K Talboys

Publisher: O Books

ISBN Number: 978-1846945458

Publication Date: 1 May 2011

Reviewed by: TheDruid-3X3


This Book is a Great; 88 Pages it comes in 3 Parts with 3 Chapters in each Part having a total of 9 Chapters, so this Book is actually a Huge Gigantic 3X3 Triad of Wisdom. That in itself impresses me. There is a 2 Page Introduction in which he writes out definitions the Celts, Druidism and Paganism, which is fairly well done. He writes about how the Word "Pagan" comes from the Latin Word "Paganus" and it meant "Villager" or a "Country Person". He does note that there are about 300 Million Pagans in the World, but a lot of them are Solitary and there are Thousands of Different Orders, Societies and Organizations that call themselves Pagan, so our 300 Million are Scattered Seeds that are not too well Coordinated. And woe to anyone who tries to get them Coordinated. Anyone who tries usually ends up Shouted Down or Banned.

Synopsis of what Druidism is all about. I think it is a Great Book to give to someone who has just come to the Craft of Druidism as it is an easy read that is not too complicated and easy to understand.

In this Book, he goes into the Basics of Druidistic Philosophies, Rituals, and Beliefs in such a way that leaves things open for others to interpret for themselves. He goes over the History of the Druids from Neolithic Times to Present Day Druidism and dispels some of the Misinterpretations about Druidism that I even had before reading this E-Book. He goes over how Celtic Druidism was the Nature Based Philosophical Practice of mainly Northern Europe up to the times of the Roman and Catholic Conquests and how they managed to preserve their Heritage through the Infamous Burning times.

What makes this Book essential to have in everyone's Library is the fact that even though it is a relatively short Book, it actually does have a few Druidistic Concepts that I had never heard of before, so in order to get acquanted with things such as the story of High King Lóegaire mac Néill.

The Book is Flawlessly Written in my opinion. So when this Book is Published, I do recommend getting it to have for your Druidistic Library.

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