Bleddyn ap Cynfyn 1064-75


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Bleddyn ap Cynfyn 1064-75


Bleddyn ap Cynfyn held the kingship of both Gwynedd and Powys. He is also credited with being the founder member of the ruling Powys dynasty. The later ruler being Madog ap Maredudd in the early part of the 12th century claimed direct line of decent. However, Bleddyn ap Cynfyn is mentioned in some of the surviving copies of the 'Gruffudd ap Cynan Statue', credited to have governed the Bardic tradition after the Caerwys Esteddfod in 1535. [1] Specifically where it notes that Bleddyn ap Cynfyn is connected to the three bardic provinces of Wales. These being Aberffro in North Wales under the jurisdiction of Gruffud ap Cynan,[2] Mathrafal in Mid Wales under Bleddyn ap Cynfyn; and Dinefur in South Wales under Lord Rhys.[3] However this would appear to be historically dubious as Bleddyn ap Cynfyn lived prior to the provinces being stated under the other leaders mentioned who held jurisdiction over them.

[1] Gwyn thomas list these as the Statue according to Gruffudd Hiaethog (d. 1564)  (Peniarth 194) and Siôn Dafydd Rhys (1534-1609) physician and grammarian (Peniarth 270)

[2] Recent archaeological excavations have revealed a court or Llys of native origin at Aberffro Ynys Mon

[3] Thomas, G., Caerwys Eisteddfodau, Cardiff University Press (1968) p. 51

Original September 15, 2003

Last Updated December 5th, 2005